Thursday, August 19, 2010

BostonCatholicInsider is now on Twitter

BostonCatholicInsider is now on Twitter!

Who can tell me more about "Caritas Coincidences?"

I was browsing around and found some interest insights in the blog post:

Caritas Coincidences?

Can someone give me another viewpoint and post some comments about this? I am little confused about all the accounting here. It seems if we follow the doe, we will find the smoking gun, right? That's what some people say!

Anyhow what I must say is that a Catholic hospital must uphold the Catholic Moral Theology in regards to Human Life Issues. And any violation of this must require stiff penalties from a Catholic Bishop. But who's that today?

I do not see Catholic Action from the consecrated persons that need to lead the flock. There is an apparent void in this regard that is punishing human beings in both body and soul. Not nice! Where's the good Orthodox pastors today?

So, please comment and simplify to me what's going on esp. in the Boston Archdiocese Jurisdiction, we're only going to come to the evidence of this by eliminating all impossibilities and then eventually we come to what is reality.

We will see a Catholic Hospital Network that is faithful to the Magisterium and be able survive the 21st Century?

Please pray to St. Francis of Assisi and Our Lady of Perpetual Help for peace in truth and charity.

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